terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2008

More monsters, and last works

The mounted figure and the other with the girl were the last draws ive done so far, more coming.


I always found funny to mess with proportions and distort characters, main reason why i like to draw monsters ^^

Hellgate fan art 2

More Hellgate! I did some background work in these ones.

Hellgate fan art 1

Hellgate: London - Post apocalyptic themes are one of my favorites, here are some examples.

WoW fan art

Like many ppl addicted to this game, could not pass the chance to draw stuff about it. Last one was my 1st real attempt at digital painting, sketch+painting all done in Painter IX.

Personal work 2

Some random draws i did for some kind of stories i imagined when i was doing them.

Personal work 1

The first one i did it to paint in oil, the last three are for a short story wich includes one of my 1st try at digital painting.

More old stuff

These are more mechanical related.

Old Stuff

Here are some works i did a couple of years ago. Some of them not finished :(


Welcome to my blog! Here i'll show some of my drawings that i did in the past and present, all of them were done on paper size A4 or A5 (some of them even less) with mechanical or normal pencils. Hope you enjoy